ADVERTISING / EXTERNAL DECORATION:Publicidade/Decoração Exterior


Poliexports AutoCAD and CNC machining facility enables precision moulding for large and small projects. Several major car manufacturers have taken advantage of this equipment for advertising their company emblem and marque, usually finished in chrome.

Passengers arriving or departing from Lisbon and Porto airports could hardly miss the giant suitcases held high on steel supports in the grounds; Vodaphone used Poliexport for the making and installation of these two suitcases.

Poliexports client base for advertising and one off Art designs is extensive, and clients are assured that security for intellectual property and corporate branding is maintained.PUBLICIDADE EXTERIOR

A Poliexport, L.da esta a inserir-se também na área da publicidade, decoração exterior e projectos altamente técnicos, contando várias obras no seu portofolio.